Hi, I am Peter, a fifty five year old master plumber. I had always been a slightly overweight person and to be very frank, the weight never bothered me back then. After being diagnosed of diabetes, a fellow staff at the hospital suggested me to go through the Nutrisystem program. Before I tell you all about the Nutrisystem promo codes, I’d like to share with you all my story of starting to lose weight from the time I was overweight.

Last summer, I went to the doctors’ for my annual health checkup and they found that I have diabetes. That meant I couldn’t eat my favorite desserts or drink beer; for days, I felt horrible about this. My doctor recommended me to go jogging but my work schedule was a big mess; I had no time to go for a jog, and worse, I didn’t even have the time to prepare myself some homemade food. Then I learnt about Nutrisystem through a staff at the hospital. I called them up, and as they suggested, I asked my son to go through its website where I got Nutrisystem discount codes. I didn’t know how well it would work, so I just decided to try it. My son, however, was extremely skeptical and kept recommending me to start jogging and eating healthy instead.

Finally starting the Nutrisystem program

Despite my son’s disapproval about the meal plans, I fixed on giving Nutrisystem a try. They gave me a plan and menu to choose from. I chose the basic diabetes meal plan and the favorites pack for men menu. In five days, they delivered right at my doorstep. The first week was a struggle; I was having beer and fast-food cravings, but my wife kept me motivated. Also, checking my weight after a week, I was extremely motivated to see that I had lost 5 lbs already. When I called a Nutrisystem staff to tell them about my progress, he encouraged me to go for short walks during my spare time for better results. I started taking the stairs instead of the elevator to support the diet. Now, I eat six Nutrisystem meals a day, go for ten-minute walks and check the website regularly for Nutrisystem coupons. Nutrisystem has taught me to control my portions and to make better food choices.

Nutrisystem keeps its “nutrition promise”

What I like most about the program is its “Nutrisystem Nutrition Promise” which guarantees that all the meals they provide are high in protein, high in fiber and have zero trans fat. For someone with diabetes, eating low-glycemic diet is very important… Nutrisystem keeps even that in mind! The meal plans helped me to not only lose weight, but to maintain my glycemic index to an extent. They claim to use no artificial colors and flavors, and include over a hundred preservative-free foods. All these health benefits came to me for a very cheap price, thanks to Nutrisystem coupon codes. Also, Nutrisystem gave me access to consult certified diabetes educators and expert counselors, and help keep up with my progress. They were extremely supporting and kept encouraging me to try harder.


Affordable food gets cheaper with Nutrisystem

My choice was the basic diabetes favorites pack meal (for men) which was priced $12.14 a day, but this wasn’t much of a problem because of the Nutrisystem discount codes that gave me a discount of $2 a day. $12 is already affordable to begin with, anyway, because a normal low-glycemic diet costs way more than that. Before joining the Nutrisystem program, I used to have almost all my meals in fast food restaurants, and those cost me so much more than what Nutrisystem meal prices. I was saving a lot of money because of the program along with losing weight and getting healthier.

Eat chocolate and still lose weight!

My meal plan gave me breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack all planned as specific schedules of time. I couldn’t believe that I was having blueberry muffins for breakfast and chicken noodle soup for lunch, and I was still losing more than 10 pounds every month. It was unbelievable how I could eat white chocolate chunk cookies while maintaining my glycemic level at the same time. I even started having the little portion of salad they provided me along with lunch and dinner.

It has only been a little over 7.5 months now, and I am already starting to feel better. My glycemic index is slowly lowering, and starting at 220 lbs, I now weigh 170 lbs. Not only am I getting health benefits, but I have managed to save money, thanks to the budget-friendly meals and the Nutrisystem coupon codes. To make it easier for you to decide, I have come up with three pros and three cons about the Nutrisystem program, all based on my experiences:



  • Cutting down fast-food and alcohol intake
  • Having to microwave everything
  • Having to plan everything according to the meal schedules


My doctor is surprised every time I go for a follow up. All thanks to Nutrisystem, I appear fitter and younger every month. I recommend Nutrisystem to every diabetic person I come across not only because of its low glycemic diets and effective weight loss meal plans, but especially because it passes a positive energy, motivating me in every step of my weight loss journey. Nutrisystem has given me all these benefits, along with saving hundreds of dollars with these deals. Looking at my improvement, even my son has decided to try the Nutrisystem meal plans. He’s just starting, but I know with Nutrisystem, he can achieve what he aims for.