Give Central

 In completing the parish unification, one of the final processes is to combine online giving into one parish account.  Although each former parish had a separate Give Central database, these separate databases will be combined into a new Holy Guardian Angels database at Give Central.  Earlier in June, in coordination with the Give Central customer support team, the payment processing was centralized into the parish’s main bank account.  This means that Give Central contribution payments are now being deposited directly into the Holy Guardian Angels main bank account and the legacy operating bank accounts of the former St. Barbara and St. Louise parishes, which remained open only to accept these direct deposits, will now be closed.  Individual parishioner Give Central contributions will continue to be posted monthly into PDS, without interruption.

Now that the banking process is completed, individual parishioner Give Central accounts from the previous St. Barbara and St. Louise parishes will be migrated into the Holy Guardian Angels Parish database.  The transition should be transparent to our parishioners which means that your historical account data, account information and login credentials will transfer into the new database.  Once the data migration is completed, how you log into your Give Central account will not change however you will now be directed to your Give Central account at Holy Guardian Angels.  If you search for St. Barbara-Brookfield or St. Louise de Marillac on the Give Central homepage, you will be automatically redirected to the Holy Guardian Angels Parish homepage. After an appropriate transition period, the legacy parish homepages will no longer be accessible.

We encourage our parishioners who currently give online to continue online giving and we encourage registration for online giving to all of our parishioners at

Contact Give Central customer service at 833.716.2612 to resolve technical issues or you wish to make changes to your individual Give Central account.

Questions regarding parishioner contributions may be directed to Lynn Waterloo, at the parish business office, at 708.352.1898 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you, again, for your continued generosity and wishing everyone a happy and blessed summer